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Themes and Expertise

CSA Education Working Group

The CSA Education Working Group aims to engage in inquiry on the role of education historically and currently in the areas of social, political, economic and cultural formations of the Caribbean region. Our objective is to create a space where academics, policy makers, and practitioners can discuss their work and experiences in education. Specific areas of interest include but are not limited to: colonialism, post-colonialism and education; education and post-independence development; education, regionalism and CSME; education and social policy; inclusive and special education; education, neo-liberalism and globalization; teacher education, pedagogy and practice; education and migration; education and youth; education for social justice; education and cultural formation; and education and sustainable development.

The Education Working Group also aspires to help shape future CSA conference themes, raise the visibility of the field of education in Caribbean Studies, encourage greater participation of practitioners and policy makers in round table discussions about Caribbean development at future CSA conferences, and serve as a “think tank” for education policy reform in the Caribbean.

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